Dat’Air, Inc. a worldwide, new-concept Oblique Aerial  Imaging Company expands the possibility of oblique Imaging upward.

Lead’Air, Inc. Lead'Air Inc. was grounded in 2001 in Kissimmee Florida. In 2010, Lead'Air had completely taken over the design and manufacturing of the Track'Air systems which were originally produced in The Netherlands for twenty years. Employing 40 experienced engineers and technicians, Lead'Air specializes in customized aerial survey systems for helicopters and airplanes. More than 50% of Lead'Air designs and products are custom-made for special survey applications. The rest of Lead'Air’s production includes the well-known Track'Air line of flight management systems which have been used worldwide by hundreds of survey organizations since 1994 and the very successful MIDAS oblique camera system of which over one hundred units have been sold since 2005. With the addition of the OCTOBLIQUE MIDAS system, Lead'Air once again demonstrates its energy and capacity for innovation, leading the market with state of the art products which often redefine the standards.

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