Stellacore Solutions provides cross platform solutions scaled to 64bit multi-core/multi-socket systems to support the needs of high-fidelity aerial survey operations.


Highly integrated large scale processing (including calibration) for multi-head precision kinematic aerial oblique camera systems (MIDAS systems from Lead'Air for example).  PictoVera®Oblique (PVO) uses sensor images and precision timing data to refine a post process navigation solution.  Precise stereo models and traditional ortho mosaics can be generated to support downstream data analytics requirements in Insurance and Civil Infrastructure industry segments. For high-level information on how PictoVera works, see the PictoVera description sheet.


PictoVera®customized for different high throughput aerial line sensors (ADS sensors from Hexagon/Leica for example).


The next generation of OrthoVista® for the digital world!  Fast scalable aerial image seamless mosaic generation.  Includes radiometric balancing and automatic seam generation. Visit for more information. To download and run OrthoVista®Xtreme in demo mode (current released version is v6.2.1 (includes basic seam re-routing)) visit or

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